Set KPIs and use them to get Traction!

Spend your time doing, not reporting. Daily reports on Slack helps you stay on top of your game.

You can connect your Google Analytics to Tractionbot and get reports and advice on how to reach your goals.


Do I need a Google Analytics account?
Yes. If you don't have it we recommend setting it up. To get the key numbers you only need to do the basic setup. You or your developer should be able to do this in less than an hour.

Can I share the reports with my team?
Yes! After you've added the bot, just invite it to a new channel for these reports. Since the bot will reply we recommend setting up a dedicated channel for this. Then everyone can ask for reports, definitions and help.

Can we have more than one app in our Slack?
Yes - but! One user can only have one app, so another person on your team should add the second bot. Then, to share it create a new channel dedicated to this bot - and you can all get the updates.

Who can get help from TractionBot? Can I?
The team behind TractionBot works in both startups and corporate. What we realized is:
1: No one knows their numbers well enough
2: Corporate people spend too much time reporting, too little time on doing
3: Startup people spend too much time doing, and too little time -no, not reporting, but understanding their numbers.
We hope that Traction bot will help you understand your numbers, drastically reduce the time spent reporting, and increase the time doing the right stuff to maximize growth.

Do I really need daily updates?
Maybe not, but most of us do. Your daily update is the pulse of your app. You want to be familiar with the numbers.

How can I know what to do with the numbers?
First step is to track the numbers, second is to understand them. TractionBot will help you here. You can ask the bot what retention mean. We are working on a feature that will help you prioritize your resources - if you want to be a beta-user, let us know. Just write "Feedback" to the bot, and tell us that you want to be a beta user, and include your email.

Can I cancel the bot?
Of course. We offer a free trial, without the need to add a credit card. If you do continue after the free trial you'll enter your payment details. If you want to cancel, you can do this at any time.

TractionBot $19/mo

Ask about status any time. Get daily and weekly reports on your goals and key metrics, including advice on how to boost your growth. Payment through Stripe. You can cancel at any time.